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The Ultimate Truth About Your Vegetables Finally Revealed

Okay so we can all admit that nutrition facts seem to change as often as we change our underwear. What's good for you today is bad for you tomorrow. Doctors say one thing and then different doctors say that thing will most definitely kill you. It's impossible to keep things straight, but there's one thing we can all agree on: fresh vegetables are the best things for you - right?

Sorry, but no.

While we've always been told that fresh vegetables are the best things for us,(and it's true that the are good for you) frozen vegetables are actually more nutritious.


That's actually good news for a lot of us who find it easier to cook with frozen vegetables, rather than fresh ones. Also don't worry if you grow your own veggies, because the reason behind the nutritional discrepancy should only apply to mass-grown produce.

You see fresh vegetables are normally picked prematurely, and then sprayed with an ethylene gas (that sounds bad but it actually mimics a process found in nature) to ripen while being shipped to stores. The issue is that vegetables that are picked before ripening will have less nutrients than vegetables picked while fully ripe.

Frozen Veggies

Frozen vegetables are picked when ripe and then frozen.

Also, once picked vegetables begin to decay, losing their color and nutrients to an enzyme process. Freezing actually halts that process, meaning your veggies stay with the maximum amount of nutrients until you're ready for them.

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If this news concerns you just wait 10 minutes, it will probably be contradicted by another "study" somewhere.

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