Everything You Need to Know About Cancer Misdiagnosis Incidents

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Everything You Need to Know About Cancer Misdiagnosis Incidents

Being told you have cancer is a scary thing for anyone. This is true across the board but intensifies somewhat when you have been struggling for a while and have been misdiagnosed before the truth comes out. This guide has some important information for anyone living through this difficult situation and aims to provide support for what comes next.

Why Does a Cancer Misdiagnosis Happen?

Cancer misdiagnoses can be classified in one of two ways. Either a person has a late diagnosis or a mistaken one. Both circumstances cause emotional turmoil and require justice. Thinking about why they happen is important so that these events can be minimized for future patients, and the people going through it can find resolution.

The Common Causes

There are four big causes behind a misdiagnosis, the most common of which is a failure to screen patients correctly. This usually happens through a general practitioner appointment or a stay in the emergency department at a hospital. Alongside this reason, there is also improper testing of a mass, misdiagnosis of a mass, and improper handling or human error of test results and samples.

Why is a Late Diagnosis So Dangerous?

The most dangerous impact of a misdiagnosis Is that a patient’s likelihood of dying increases significantly. It is harder to commence treatment, and the body will be weaker and less responsive. All of this means there was a chance to slow the effects or even bring a period of remission, and that was missed.

Dealing With Life From This Point Forward

What can you do if this happens to you? You are bound to be feeling an intense range of emotions, and these are all valid. However, it is still vital to begin treatment as soon as possible if you are facing life with cancer, especially at a progressed stage. For those who were wrongly diagnosed and do not have cancer, you must begin to mentally process what happened.

Make an Official Complaint

It is also wise to launch an official complaint with the hospital against the misdiagnosis. This will alert them to your case and give them a chance to explain why things happened in the way that they did. Include things like your medical records and any names of medical staff that dealt with your journey.

Filing a Lawsuit

You may also wish to pursue the route of a misdiagnosis of cancer lawsuit to reclaim the damages you have incurred as a result of the mistake. Get in touch with an attorney to talk through the options and decide what you are going to claim for. Delaying is not advisable.

Whether you are facing a diagnosis of cancer that has been caught too late, or you were told you have this disease falsely, there are steps you can take to find justice. Make a claim and state your case, with the support of an experienced attorney by your side for the best outcome possible. It is vital that people continue to fight these situations so that changes can be implemented in the healthcare sector.

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