Everything You Need To Know About Kush Strains

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Everything You Need To Know About Kush Strains

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Marijuana can be classified in many ways. Typically, this resinous bud is described as Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid based on the morphology of the plant. But cannabis can be additionally categorized by a vernacular set by the popular culture, such as Haze, Kush, and Purple. You'll get almost all the necessary details about Kush strains of cannabis in the following post. Let's get started!

What is Kush Marijuana?

Kush is a special strain of cannabis that originated from the Hindu Kush mountain ranges near India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Kush strains mainly fall into the Indica section rather than Sativa, but many hybrid Kush strains are also available in the market.

Many growers prefer to cultivate Kush strains for their pungent smell, citrus flavor, and herbal or spicy taste. Canna lovers blaze Kush strains at night time because of their remarkably tranquilizing and sedative effects.

A Brief History of Kush Strain

Kush strains are one of the most popular cannabis strains in the world. They have and are winning highly-praised awards such as the High Times Cannabis Cup. If you're an expert cannabis user, there's no chance you haven't tried the Kush family, whether it is Bubba Kush, Purple Kush, Pure Kush, or the legendary OG Kush.

Kush cannabis strains have ruled the Indica-dominant hybrid world for a while. Their legacy is visible to the mountainous Hindu Kush region; to be more specific, the Hindu Kush is north of Jammu and Kashmir. At the time of writing this post, this is an India-controlled range, though it is a point that Pakistan bitterly debates.

The Hindu Kush range comes in the Himalayan mountain realm. The rich soil, deep canyons, and breath-taking hillsides are an excellent combination for marijuana growing.

You can think of every popular Kush variety, be it Bubba Kush or Cali Kush, can be followed back to the Hindu Kush strain. Many reputable seed banks have cross-bred popular Kush strains with other varieties to create a new classic strain.

Characteristics of Kush Strain

Kush is a unique string of cannabis strains that descends from the Hindu Kush mountains. This mountain area crosses the Afghanistan-Pakistan border and is one of the few geographic territories where the cannabis plant grows naturally.

Having classic Kush genetics typically means a strain will have a few of the following qualities:


When you grow a Kush strain, it develops dark green colas and leaves, with the least hint of purple. When it gets near harvest time, the pistils of the Kush plant turn orange, bronze, or even rust-colored.

The thick, fat buds grow on plants that are small, thick, and potent. As a result, beginner growers can try their hand at growing the Kush plant.

Kush species are a popular choice for growers looking to have hybrid genetics. As a landrace strain, the genetics of Hindu Kush guarantee its descendants are naturally immune to colder environments and decreased water consumption. Growing into a shorter plant and providing a generous yield makes Kush variety every growers' first choice.

Aroma and Flavor

Kush cannabis strains can have very complicated aromatic profiles, blending everything from natural, floral, or piney notes with more distinct smells like citrus, pepper, or even gasoline.

In terms of taste, vapor and smoke from Kush strains tend to feel earthy and floral and may also merge more complex flavors like berry or citrus.


Kush strains generate a sedative effect initially, usually accompanied by happiness and random sessions of giggling. These effects differ from strain to strain, depending on their genetics.

With strong links to their Indica origins, Kush strains are very hard to come by these days, as the cannabis society moved towards developing highly-resistant hybrid varieties. After smoking Kush, you'll probably feel happy; but, you may remain clung to your couch due to its Indica genetics.

Those that still raise Kush with higher Indica rates are known to provide buds with potent cerebral results that "tranquilize" the smoker. Medical practitioners often prescribe Kush strains to ease the symptoms of insomnia.

Please remember that these characteristics can differ from person to person. How a strain is developed, and its unique genetic composition (known as a "phenotype") naturally influence the characteristics of a strain.

The Most Popular Kush Strains

You'll find 100+ strains having the word Kush in their names and many more that came about by cross-breeding Kush strains with other species. You can check 420ExpertAdviser to read the reviews of the best Kush strains; here are the most popular ones:

Hindu Kush

This 100% Indica strain receives its name from the 500-mile-long mountain realm that extends from Afghanistan to northern Pakistan and into Tajikistan. Hindu Kush strain is famous for its highly soothing and deeply relaxing effects. For this reason, it has become a remarkably popular strain among medicinal and recreational cannabis users.

OG Kush

OG Kush is known as the original gangster of the family. It is the most commonly known variety of Kush lineage and is also appreciated as one of the best Kush strains. OG Kush is famous for its tranquilizer effects plus added sensations of euphoria and happiness. It eases your body and stimulates the brain, which is the ideal combination for playing video games or getting desk work done.

Bubba Kush

For more than 20 years, Bubba Kush has been in the cannabis market and is a highly Indica-dominant strain. This strain often comes to mind when people think of the powerful effects of classic Indica genetics. The effects of Bubba Kush are very relaxing and offer the most pleasant high.

Purple Kush

The Purple Kush strain is a soothing variant of Kush and a member of the best Kush strains. Users of this strain have reported feeling both relaxed and happy. Even if Purple Kush has a lower THC ratio than other Kush strains, it offers the same relaxing effects.

Critical Kush

Critical Kush is a blend of Critical Mass and OG Kush. The scent and flavor of this strain mimic herbs and pepper. As one of the most relaxing members of a Kush family, this strain helps patients with pain, stress, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

It is important to remember that, thanks to cross-breeding and the following creation of hybrid strains, not all Kush species present the same qualities. Experienced growers continue to play around with a wide range of species to make new strains with unique characteristics.

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