Experts Say Eating Moldy Food Is Totally Fine

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Have you ever gone to make toast in the morning and you open the bag only to find a blue spot on your bread? What a total downer for the entire day.

Same thing when you go to slice off a piece of cheese from the brick.

One tiny spot of mold can ruin your whole day!

But according to a show on the BBC, experts actually say most foods are safe to eat even if there's evidence of mold.

The show "Trust Me, I'm A Doctor" saw host Michael Mosley leave a variety of foods to go moldy and then bring in experts to let him know if there were still safe to eat.

Michael Mosley (glasses) on "Trust Me, I'm A Doctor"BBC

Here's what the experts have to say about some of the most common foods that people find mold on.


Food File

According to the experts, blue and white mold on bread is still consumable, you just have to cut away the moldy parts. Make sure you cut around the mold as well, because it spreads without showing.

NOTE: If your bread has yellow, orange, or black mold it should be thrown away IMMEDIATELY.


Little Miss Motor Mouth

Because today's jams have less sugar in them, they go moldy more easily despite being a preserve. If you scoop off the mold and about an inch below, the jam should be safe to eat.

See when, if ever, it's okay to eat moldy cheese on the next page.

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