Salon Bans Parents From Coming With Their Children, And Most People Are Happy About it

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Salon Bans Parents From Coming With Their Children, And Most People Are Happy About it

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As working professionals, we often face distractions that hinder our ability to get our job done.

Whether it be noisy coworkers or the temptation of using your smartphone, it takes a certain amount of willpower to fulfill the duties of the job at the highest of standards.

One huge distraction for some employees is if their work directly involves interacting with their clients, who have left their children running amok.

Estheticians typically have to deal with this particular scenario when mothers book appointments and have their kids tag along, but one beauty salon owner from Sydney, Australia has put her foot down on the practice.

"It simply isn't fair to the other clients who have come solo."

Earlier this month, eyebrow expert Kristen Fisher made the decision to implement a new policy that would would ban children from the premises of her salon to accommodate the majority of her clients.

In a statement posted on Instagram, Fisher said that while this decision may upset some customers, it's been put in place to be fair to the people who visit the salon by themselves and to her staff who often have to chase after the unaccompanied kids.

"To our beautiful KFE clients.

This is a very hard post for me because I hate upsetting people and I feel this may do just that, but we have no other option. We are imposing a new rule that clients must not bring children or babies to their appointments.

Recently we have had times where there have been ten children in the salon at one time, all unattended, whilst their mothers get treatments done. It simply isn't fair to the other clients who have come solo, who for them this is their monthly treat/splurge and want some peace and quiet whilst they have their brows or lashes done, nor is it fair to my staff who are constantly chasing after kids and nursing babies (even though we secretly love this - they also have to answer the phones and rebook clients!).

We have had kids run onto the street, we've had clients leave midway through their appointments as they're too annoyed about the noise being made by children and we've had mums call and complain saying their brows are crooked after they've been nursing a squirming baby the whole appointment... I of all people know how hard it is to get away for an appointment as I have two young children myself without any grandparents here in Sydney to help out and mind them when I need to pop out.

That being said I make sure all of my "˜me time' appointments are just that - for me. I know how hard it is to book a babysitter for such a short time, but given these appointments are monthly (at the earliest) I do hope our beloved mummy clients can find alternative childcare prior to their appointments in the salon. Thank you for your ongoing support and loyalty and we are looking forward to seeing you all in the salon (relaxed!) and child free."

Although it's certainly a controversial policy, the mother-of-two has received an influx of support.

The Feedback

Nearly 200 people flooded Fisher's Instagram post where the new policy was announced, and agreed with the new rule.

"Well done, I find babies, young children distracting for myself & mums in my salon, often resulting in a rushed appointment, where mum is constantly moving her head which makes it impossible for a even hair style," one woman wrote.

"Well said Kristen. This is an unspoken problem in all salons.... kids, hot wax pots and heavy duty electric beauty beds that can crush a child just don't go together," another chimed in.

Someone else piped up, "As a midwife and mum, I totally agree. I love babies! Just not when I'm trying to have some 'me time.' Self care is not selfish. This helps to give us a reboot to tackle the demands of parenting. We've got your back."

Another Instagram user even suggested a compromise between the salon and mothers with their children.

"One day a week where mums can bring their babies and other clients know? There are many mums who can't leave their babies, have no help or options but still want to have killer brows!" she suggested.

Do you agree with Fisher's new policy? Let us know in the comments!

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