Facebook Is Introducing Dating Profiles - Here's How To "Friend" That Special Someone


Facebook Is Introducing Dating Profiles - Here's How To "Friend" That Special Someone

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When you're single and looking for love, turning to dating apps and websites can actually make things more confusing.

There's a dizzying list of services trying to match up lonely singles, and they each have unusual rules and features to learn.

Should you swipe left, or right? And what does swiping mean anyways?

Facebook is the latest company trying to cut through the noise, with their new Facebook Dating feature.

Single, Dating, Or It's Complicated

Online dating
Online dating is a huge industry these days.Bruce Mars - Pexels / Pixabay

If it seems unusual for Facebook to introduce dating profiles, don't forget the site has included "relationship status" on every profile since it began in 2004.

Now, the social media empire is hoping to connect its billions of users, with a goal of creating meaningful, long-term relationships.

After teasing the new feature in May, Facebook is slowly starting to roll out Facebook Dating in smaller test markets.

After debuting in Colombia and Thailand, Facebook users in Canada are now able to make online dating profiles.

How Does It Work?

If you've tried other online dating services before, Facebook Dating will look and feel quite similar.

Facebook Dating
Facebook Dating's profiles are similar to other dating apps.Facebook

Any user over 18 will get access to the new Dating section of the site, including married users, so watch out for cheaters!

You won't be able to connect with other users until signing up for Facebook Dating and creating an account specific to that part of the website. This involves filling out a short questionnaire (Who are you interested in? What do you do for work? etc.)

Once you've joined, you can start browsing profiles, which feature photos of other Facebook Dating users and their ages.

Your Facebook friends, and anyone you've blocked on the main site, are not displayed, but friends of your friends might be.

Facebook Dating
Facebook Dating's profiles include events and groups you join on the website.Facebook

Along with basic information, Facebook Dating profiles will show if you "Liked" the same topics as your matches, and if you've attended the same events or joined the same groups.

You can label matches as "Interested" or "Pass" to help filter your results, and if you get second thoughts there's a "Second Look" feature for profiles you passed on.

There's also a handy "Pause" feature, in case the amount of messages and matches you receive gets overwhelming.

Note that none of these services are new, they're all very close to features offered by other sites or apps, but they could prove to be popular on Facebook Dating.

Facebook has billions of users around the world. downloadsource.fr - Flickr

The Dating section also features a separate inbox for your profile, so messages for your matches don't get mixed up with regular Facebook messages.

And if you want to get a first date, you'll need to be creative. Messaging with your matches only unlocks after you break the ice, by commenting on their photos or answering a question like "What does the perfect day look like?"

Since most people already have Facebook accounts, this new service will make a splash in the online dating world, whether it's a flop or a success for the social media giant.

With 2.2. billion users around the world, the odds are good that you just might find true love on Facebook.

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Will you join Facebook Dating when it's available?

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