Ben & Jerry's Has A New Special Flavor And We've Fallon For It

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Everyone has a favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry's. Some people go for the classics, like Cherry Garcia or Half Baked, while others go for the fancier ones, like Phish Food or If I Had A Million Flavors.

But what we can all agree on is that when Ben & Jerry's introduces a new flavor, it's always exciting.

When they introduced the breakfast cereal ice cream, it was a hit.

Ben & Jerry's

Then, when their Bob Marley inspired flavor was released, we started singing "No Woman, No Cry" non-stop.

THEN they released on-the-go ice cream bars that were, honestly, life-changing.

Ben and Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's was basically batting 1000 with all their new flavors, and we were here for it. Now, they've added another winner to their list and it combines two of our favorite things: ice cream and Jimmy Fallon.

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