Family Of 6 Manages To Live In A Tiny 600 Square Foot House

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Family Of 6 Manages To Live In A Tiny 600 Square Foot House

Do you ever feel cramped in your house? No matter how big your house is it still seems like there is always someone in your space. Well this family has really taken it to the next level by moving into a tiny 600 square-foot home.

Now a 600 square-foot house is roughly half the size (or less) of the average house that a 3 or 4 person family would live in. But inside this tiny little 600 sq ft home a family of six have managed to find a way to live in harmony. Blogger Whitney Barthel has shared how they do it.

They don't have a dishwasher or laundry machines but somehow these parents do just just fine taking care of her four boys.

She manages to keep everything moving smoothly by using a few important tricks. First of all, she takes frequent trips to the laundromat because not having laundry is the hardest part for her. Four young boys go through A LOT of laundry.

Her kitchen might be small but she makes sure she does the dishes right away to get them out of the way. They also make the most out of the storage space and don't waste cabinet space with a dishwasher.

Their living room, dinning room and playroom is the rest of the main floor. They eat at a fold out table that they pull out for meals and then have small funiture to cuddle up on. Luckily the kids are small so it works out just fine!

Upstairs, everyone but the baby shares a room. The boys are in bunk beds in the room with their parents while the baby has a crib to himself so he can take naps throughout the day.

The bathroom is small and doesn't have a bathtub so she has a bit of a hard time when it's time to give the boys a bath. She managed to find a drain plug that lets a couple of inches of water fill up and she works with what she has.

Do you think you could manage to live in a house this size with your whole family? I feel like it would be a challenge that would either bring you together or just drive you completely nuts!

If you want to keep up with Whitney Barthel and how she is doing in the tiny house with her family you can follow her blog.