Family Of The Adorable Transplant Patient Who Went Viral Share Sad News

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Family Of The Adorable Transplant Patient Who Went Viral Share Sad News

Things have never been easy for Ari Schultz, the 5-year-old heart transplant patient we wrote about earlier this month.

Before he was born, doctors were already treating Ari because he suffered from a birth defect that meant his heart only had 2 chambers. Since then, he's been through a number of surgeries and treatments, including a 211 day wait for a heart transplant that ended earlier this month.

But now, Ari's parents Mike and Erica have shared sad news about their son on Mike's blog Echo of Hope. Ari's body is rejecting his new heart, and that's not all.

Ari's parents knew beforehand that there were lots of risks involved in a heart transplant, but this is still awful news.

Ari had to be given CPR and was put on life support because his heart stopped beating.

As if things weren't bad enough already, the Schultz family found out their home is full of black mold and rotten frames.

The family had been basically living at the hospital for months, so the disgusting problem really took them by surprise.

Now the family is depending on the kindness of strangers to raise money for Ari's care and to cover the costs of rebuilding their home.

"The Schultzes need to get Ari well, but at the same time, they need to find a place to live," their GoFundMe page explains, "and then need to rebuild their house for their family, including their other two small children Lexi and Eli."

Let's show our support for this family in need! You can donate to them here.

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