Family Sends Warning After Fish Tank Releases Deadly Toxin

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Fish tanks are everywhere; In people's homes, offices, and even in restaurants.

We have a lot of allergies in our home, so my parents did not allow us to keep furry pets while growing up, instead we always had a tank full of beautiful, tropical fish, corals and aquatic plants.

Aquariums are not only appealing to the eyes, but a fish is easier to take care of than other animals like a dog or cat.

Like any other aquarium owner, we just made sure to remember to feed the fish, clean the tank at least once every two weeks, and check that the filter is working properly.

There's nothing dangerous about that, right? Wrong!


It's rare, but there have been times when cleaning out a fish tank had some terrible, life-threatening consequences. Just ask Chris Matthews and his family.

The 27-year-old was convinced that his family caught a nasty flu bug when they all began experiencing symptoms like coughing and nausea.

However, when they started having eye problems, and the two dogs also got sick, Matthews knew it was something more serious.

"We couldn't regulate our temperature, we were struggling to breathe and coughing," he told SWNS on Thursday. "We woke up the next morning feeling groggy but initially put it down to flu."

It wasn't until he started to look into what could be causing their symptoms that he realized the fish tank may be to blame.

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