Famous Gambling Experts to Follow

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Famous Gambling Experts to Follow

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Gambling experts amass their expertise from years of research and studying the ins and outs of games, coupled with an innate ability to decipher the right time to play a hand. These experts are mathematicians, specialists, and casino game inventors who perfect their skills through years of hard work and personal experience. Gamblers should not be confused with railbirds, who don’t play but are known to hoover while offering “unsolicited advice” to players.

Players may dive into gambling by visiting a casino to play online slot machines or other games such as:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Video Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Big Six Wheel
  • Craps, etc.

Below is a list of the top 5 gambling experts worth following:

Edward Thorp

A math professor, author, hedge fund manager, and successful blackjack player, Thorp perfected his skill by applying theories and techniques. The strategy he applies when playing cards is based on genius cheating methods.

After winning $11,000 in his first weekend using a card counting strategy, he was compelled to switch his identity often when playing to keep him from being turned away by casinos. He authored his first book, “Beat the Dealer,” which listed the strategies to apply when playing blackjack.

Thorp is a genius who has also mastered roulette, backgammon, and baccarat, thanks to his knowledge and understanding of how probability works.

Michael Shackleford

Also known as “the Wizard,” he is among the most talented casino theorists of today. He publishes his content on the website Wizard of Odds about resources and expertise gained as a mathematician.

Shackleford not only covers mainstream blackjack and roulette but also expands his focus to other options added to this industry in time. The advantage of his work is that it is consumable even to beginners as he breaks down the analysis and odds in a language easily understood. The Wizard of Odds page outlines everything from the rules and mechanics to the probability and odds of each game, coupled with the payouts. All this information is deeply researched and laid out to advise on how each wager works.

Bob Dancer

Bob is a master in Video Poker. His book titled “Million Dollar Video Poker,” published in 2003, is about the success he and his wife enjoyed playing video poker when they reportedly pocketed $1 million after a $6,000 stake.

The journey to huge success was not without failure. It was a painstaking seven-year period, during which time Bob and his ex-wife Shirley were developing their video poker play. It is documented in detail in the book.

The Dancers were on a winning streak between September 2000 and March 2001 as they worked to become a force to reckon with in the world of Video Poker. They recorded a $400,000 win when Shirley was playing a $100 hand. She lined up 10 hearts, Jack of hearts and Queen of hearts. She drew two more when she landed the perfect runout – King of hearts and Ace of hearts.

Chris Moneymaker

If ever there were the rags to riches story in gambling history, Chris’ would top the list. With a meager $86, he lucked out at the 2003 World Series of Poker’s main event, making millions as a result. A $39 buy-in online poker tournament playing PokerStars enabled him to settle his debts.

He was an amateur, and this was a blind shot that paid off massively. His fame started growing after winning against players from around the world. The $2.5 million cash and a gold bracelet win against Sam Farha was sensational, and he was unstoppable.

Jean Scott

Jean, or the “Queen of Comps,” as she fondly refers to herself, endeavors to study and develop insights on how best to understand the gambling system.

She started playing Video Poker in the 1990s but veered towards perfecting the art of securing comps to maximize her gambling chances. Scott took advantage of these offers by accumulating “Player’s Points,” which ultimately reduced her gambling expenses.

Scott felt the need to share her trade secrets with other enthusiasts by journaling her manifesto in 1998 named “The Frugal Gambler.” Her methods may not be an all-around hit for all players but are certainly appreciated by those keen on not going bankrupt.


Almost all successful players have had a losing streak and left casinos broke, but they always found ways to get back to playing armed with lessons and experience. Many have recorded these fails to inform players who are interested in becoming experts at gambling.

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