12 Things You Should Probably Know About Your Farts

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There are as few acts as inherently part of the human condition, yet simultaneously reviled, as farting. A loud burst of methane erupting from your nether-regions accompanied by an unpleasant smell is the kind of thing that people love to both laugh about and wince at, but it turns out there's actually quite a few things we all tend to misunderstand about them.

There are foods that make them smell worse

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As most people suspect, eggs and red meat, as well as other food containing larger amounts of sulfur, can indeed cause your farts to stink even moreso than usual.

Most people fart a daily average


Apparently the average, healthy human passes gas around 14 times a day!

Some people have a legitimate fear of them


Flatulaphobia is the fear of farting; either the sound, smell, or awareness of farting can cause legitimate fear in someone experiencing this condition.

Sometimes gas has nothing to do with digestion


A lot of times it can actually come from swallowing a lot of air, especially if you're nervous or anxious.

Beans don't actually make you fart more.

A 2011 study found that most people do not fart more if they eat more beans. The only time it happened was with people who normally don't eat beans at all.

These next few fart facts are a real gas...

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