11 Times People Thought Their Food "Emergencies" Required 911

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I think it's safe to say that we've all had experiences at fast food restaurants that were less than ideal, but have you ever called 911 over a minor inconvenience at one? These people have.

1. Pizza, please.

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This is a REAL 911 call made in Arlington, Virgina.

Caller: "I'd also like to be connected to Domino's Pizza please, in Arlington."

Dispatcher: "That's not a, this is 911, 911 is for police and fire emergencies."

Caller: "Well I can't get through on the Pizza Hut line or 411."

Dispatcher: "OK, well, ma'am, 911 does not connect you to Domino's Pizza."

2. No soup for you!


So this call actually worked out in the end, but it's still wild. A man in Florida ordered soup from Leo's Grill and called 911 when he found a band-aid in it (I'm literally gagging). It was technically a non-emergency, but a health inspector found 22 health code violations.

911 Operator: 911, is this a police, fire or medical emergency?

David Baier: It's a non-emergency call. I tried to call your non-emergency number but they can't hear me and I can't get through.

911 Operator: What are you trying to report?

David Baier: I'm in a restaurant in Palm Harbor and I'd like to make some sort of report. There's a Band-Aid in our soup, and we'd like to get the health department involved in this.

911 Operator: OK. So, you need — you want to speak with the police?

David Baier: I do.

3. Missin' McNuggets

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Latreasa Goodman went to McDonald's to order a 10 pc. McNugget meal (yum), but after she paid she was informed the location was out of nuggets. The cashier suggested she order something else. Then Goodman called 911 three times.

"This is an emergency. If I would have known they didn't have McNuggets, I wouldn't have given my money, and now she wants to give me a McDouble, but I don't want one," police quoted her as saying. "This is an emergency."

Goodman was cited for misusing 911.

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