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Your Biggest Fear Actually Reveals A Lot About Your True Personality

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Understanding the true nature of your mind is one of those things that we will never get tired of. Why we act the way we do is something that we all want to understand, but sometimes it's difficult to really figure it out.

One big thing that people experience without understanding is fear, or more specifically, a phobia. Why are we afraid of some things but not others? Well, apparently these fears are actually closely tied to our personalities.

Take a look and see what your fear says about your personality.


I hate these stupid creepy crawlers, but what does that say about me? Even though the majority of spiders aren't dangerous, Psychology Today reports that one in three people are fearful of them.

Apparently the phobia is actually related to the "disgust" emotion. People who tend to be grossed out by things like mucus, vomit, or feces will often be the most likely to also be grossed out by spiders.

While people surveyed didn't always know what it was that freaked them out about spiders, or even listed a variety of reasons, the researchers learned that they each were more likely to have a high disgust emotional response.

So if you are afraid of spiders, you are someone who likes to keep things orderly, clean, and especially germ-free.


As you hear them slithering towards you, you may turn and run, but what makes your fear of snakes so strong?

Well, Science Daily reports that your snake phobia is actually caused by the influence of snakes in books, movies, and the general collected consciousness of our world. Everyone remembers the stories of those evil snakes, so your brain tends to lock that away and remember that it doesn't want to spend time near them.

What this means about your personality is that you are someone who has a strong memory, and has the ability to recall things quickly.


Someone who is afraid of the dark even into their adult life is actually mostly a joyful person, however their imagination is one that is unlike anyone else.

They typically are afraid of the dark because of the things that their imagination tries to convince them is in there, and because they cannot see, the fear grows.

People who are afraid of the dark are extremely creative people, and if the phobia is getting to be too much, they would do better if they found a creative outlet for all that excess imagination energy.


If you fear blood, for example if you get woozy at the sight of a small cut on your finger, then you may be suffering from hemophobia.

But what this means about your personality is that you are actually a very calm and collected person. Why is this the connection? Well, researcher Jordan Gaines Lewis explained, "fainting at the sight of blood may be a primitive reflex buried deep in our brain," and it's doing this to try and protect you because it thinks something is wrong.

People afraid of blood are centered and thrive in their balanced lives, but when they see blood it seems to throw them off completely.


I know that there are a lot of people who find clowns creepy, and I am absolutely one of them. And the reason that we do apparently relates back to our ability to observe situations.

Psychology Today explains that the reason we get freaked out by clowns is because being unable to read their facial expressions makes us deeply uncomfortable.

"Reading facial expressions has long been a key to survival, our inability to discern a clown's expressions (and true intentions) underneath the accoutrements raises automatic suspicions."

All that face makeup hiding their real features just highlights the fact that we pride ourselves on honesty, and telling the truth. People who are afraid of clowns tend to be much more straightforward than those who aren't.


Being afraid of heights is very common, so much so that psychologist Dr. Glenn Geher goes as far as saying its universal.

This fear is based in your survival instinct, because there is a lot of risk to your personal safety when you exceed a certain height. It's basic evolution.

However, if it's one of those all-consuming fears that keeps you off of airplanes or away from windows in high-rise buildings, it probably is a little bit more descriptive of your personality.

It signifies a person who is generally fairly open to new experiences, however they tend to be nervous about the results. You like to plan things well in advance, mostly because making a decision is really not your strong suit.

Enclosed/Crowded Spaces

Otherwise known as claustrophobia, being afraid of tight and enclosed spaces is a very common fear.

While you may think it is purely based on physical spaces, this phobia tends to extend to their entire lives, including their relationships.

People who are afraid of being in small spaces also tend to be afraid of commitments. Ironically, they tend to close themselves off from others, and will often be slow to warm up to new people.

Public Speaking

Being afraid to talk in front of others is often thought to be an indication an introverted personality, but it's actually a lot more than that.

People who are introverted can still be comfortable public speaking, what it's really indicating is that the person has a deep-rooted fear of what other people think of you because your self-esteem is low.

They take too much care into what others think about them, so the thought of having to speak in front of a group really gets to them.

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Does your fear correlate to your personality?