FedEx Driver Notices A Baby Under His Truck Just In Time


FedEx Driver Notices A Baby Under His Truck Just In Time

Byron Nash - Facebook

Warning: the video featured in this story contains strong language.

A FedEx driver from Louisiana is being praised for his sharp eyes and quick thinking, after saving a toddler from nearly being run over.

Last week, Byron Nash was driving his route through Lake Charles when he stopped to deliver a package.

On his way back, just before getting back in his truck, Nash noticed something underneath the vehicle.

"Thank God I was paying attention..."

This baby was crawling outside under my truck after my Truck was parked to make a delivery luckily i seen her. Before i backed out. No supervision in site

Posted by Byron Nash on Friday, October 26, 2018

What Nash had noticed was an unsupervised toddler, who had crawled out onto the road beneath his truck.

"This baby was crawling outside under my truck after my truck was parked to make a delivery," Nash said in a video he taped at the scene. "Luckily I seen her before I backed out. No supervision in sight."

"This baby is right under my truck and her parents aren't nowhere to be found! Look at this, this baby is outside by herself."

After filming for 30 seconds, Nash carried the baby to a nearby house and shouted for help, bringing a woman running to the door.

"This baby was under my truck!" Nash told her.

"I thought I had her trapped," she responded.

Baby FedEx Driver
The baby only narrowly avoided being struck by Nash's van, or another vehicle.Byron Nash - Facebook

"Thank God I was paying attention because if I had backed up she would have been out of here," Nash scolded her.

The woman explained that the home seen in the video belongs to her mother, who keeps "everything open, all the doors, all the windows."

But Nash warned her to put the baby in a playpen next time, and to keep the doors shut tight. After all, this baby girl only narrowly avoided a scary accident because Nash noticed her in time.

The driver shared his video on Facebook, where it has already been watched more than nine million times.

And most of the viewers have choice words for the woman who "thought" she had her baby secured.

"Report her before it's too late for that baby," wrote one commenter.

"Excuses excuses," said another, "I would have called the police."

In fact, several people did, and the Lake Charles Police Department say they have passed the video along to their detectives for further investigation.

Let's just be thankful that Nash spotted this baby when he did.

Have you ever seen anything like this? Thank goodness Nash was there to rescue this baby!

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