Feeling Baaaaaad? Find Your Zen With Goat Yoga!

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Feeling Baaaaaad? Find Your Zen With Goat Yoga!

If you are looking for a calming, relaxing, quiet workout you should probably look somewhere else because Goat Yoga is pretty much the opposite. Sure, you'll still get a great workout, but those long awkward silences and quiet chants will be replaced with giggles and goats noises.

It started in Oregon where No Regrets Farm owner Lainey Morse came up with the idea. She said that "my goats are very social and friendly animals and love to interact with people."

"Animals are known to have so many health benefits for humans as well, so the mix of goats and yoga seemed to fit," Morse said.

The Goat Yoga took off like crazy and Morse has actually been able to make this her full time job. It hasn't all been easy going while her company grows. Liability insurance companies have refused her several times and zoning rules forced her to stop teaching on her own property.

"People are desperate for something that is pure and peaceful. It's really hard to be in pain and sad when there's baby goats jumping around you," Morse explains which sounds like the most accurate thing. Have you ever seen a baby goat? They are the cutest things! Having them jumping around you (and sometimes on you) sounds like that funnest workout ever!

This trend has actually expanded to Europe with one Dutch farmer starting her own Goat Yoga experience. Brenda Bood got in contact with the Oregon instructor and found out how to make it happen for her.  Now every Saturday at Ridammerhoeve Goat Farm you can get a yoga session full of goats and even a cake and coffee after all included for the price of €25 per session!

This is the best type of exercise class I have ever seen! You'll come out with all the benefits of yoga with the bonus endorphins caused by the adorable happy goats! It's a win-win!

Would you give Goat Yoga a try?