Feeling Bored? Try Out These Spring Activities

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Feeling Bored? Try Out These Spring Activities

After the long winter, spring is a good time to try some new activities and projects. In this article we discuss trying some new beverages or drinks, planning a picnic and exercise, trying new restaurants, design a herb garden, and upgrade your home.

Try a New Drink

Spring weather brings with it the opportunity to try new cocktails or mocktails using fresh seasonal ingredients. Fruits available in the spring are blood oranges, berries, pink grapefruit, peaches, and limes. You can try a new cocktail with your adults family or friends or serve a non-alcoholic version for those that do not drink. A Blood Orange Tequila Fizz uses liquor and a Blood Orange Cooler uses blood oranges, lime juice, seltzer, and coconut water. You will find recipes online at sites like Pinterest and All Recipes They have dozens of spring cocktails and mocktails recipes using a variety of seasonal ingredients.

In the United States, adults consume the most wine of any country in the world followed by France. Most states have local wineries that produce local wine and have special events. Why not visit a local winery this spring and try a new type of wine with your dinner or at your cocktail party? Many wineries make white, red, sparkling wines, ciders, and fruit wines. This gives you a chance to pair a new wine with your lunch, dinner, or club meeting.

Plan An Outdoor Picnic and Walk

Head out to your local park or beach for a picnic and some daily exercise. You know that food always tastes better outdoors after a long winter. Pack a picnic lunch in your cooler or cooler bag and make sure you choose food items that do not have to be heated. You can prepare easy-to-make fresh salads with vegetables and cold meats or chicken, oil and vinegar dressings, sandwiches, pasta salads, pies, and fresh fruits on your picnic. Choose a location where you and your guests can walk, bike, or hike before or after the picnic. Serve water, lemonade, or fruit juices with the meal and wipe off picnic tables before eating.

Eat At A New Restaurant

In the spring now many restaurants offer outdoor dining as an option. Dining outdoors is considered safer than indoors at this time. Dining at different restaurants gives you and your family a chance to try different types of cuisines. Dining outdoors makes the meal you order taste even better with the fresh air and sunlight. It can be a chance for you to try a new main entree or dessert for the first time. You can plan a party at home and order a variety of different foods to eat outdoors from local restaurants. Did you know that the average American eats out about 4.5 times per week for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

Design A Small Herb Garden

Herbs are easy to grow and can be put in containers or planters on the deck or patio. They can be grown in a small outdoor garden and are easy to maintain. You can buy herbs at your local garden center and plant them outdoors or leave them in containers. Your local garden center can give you instructions on how to care for them and use them. Herb can be put in large baskets or planters to keep them organized. C Plant your outdoor herbs in a sunny location most need plenty of sun to thrive. Planting along a fence or wall protects the plants from wind and other weather. Research small herb garden design and talk with your local growers for tips and ideas. The top benefit of growing herbs is they can be used in cooking your meals.

Consider Some Home Upgrades

Before upgrading your home check the zoning laws in the town or city that you live in. California's residents must give 30 days' notice to other landowners when they evacuate for a fence or other structure. You can remodel your kitchen this spring or add some new energy-efficient appliances. Give your bathroom a spa-like atmosphere, so you can relax, by adding a freestanding soaking tub or save water with a new low-flow toilet. Need a home office covert one of your empty rooms into one. Create an outdoor space for the warmer weather with a firepit or grill, dining area, garden, and outdoor furniture. An upgrade in the spring is a good way to usher in the season.

Spring is a time to try some new activities, hobbies, and projects to revive your interest in your home and family. These are just a few suggestions for you to consider.

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