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People Are Piercing Their Fingers Instead Of Wearing Rings And It Looks Agonizing

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When I was a child, I remember looking at my grandmother's engagement ring in absolute awe. It was a 1ct diamond ring on top of a gold band encrusted with emeralds, and it was the most stunning piece of jewelry I've ever seen.

While I never put thought into what my future nuptials would look like, I often wondered what mt prospective rings would look like. My father gave my mother a beautiful set that interlocked the engagement ring with the wedding band, since she always preferred the traditional style compared to something more considered more flashy and modern.

No one person is alike, so society's taste is bound to differ. It's not unheard of for someone to tattoo a band or a small design around their ring finger instead, or forgo the jewelry all together.

But, some people are taking their physical representation of commitment to a whole new level by having their fingers pierced.

While might think your fingers are the most unusual place on your body to fit in a jewel, it's picking up steam in becoming the hottest new trend.

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