Five Signs That You Need a Personal Injury Attorney Now

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Five Signs That You Need a Personal Injury Attorney Now

If you or your family member was hurt in an accident caused by the negligence (carelessness or recklessness) of another party, you need compensation to pay your bills and support the people you care about most. A personal injury claim is the best path to compensation—but defendants and insurers are not known for making things easy on people. An attorney can make the difference. Below you will find an overview of the key considerations to keep in mind when deciding when to get a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer.

Five Big Signs that it is Time to Speak With a Personal Injury Attorney

Through a personal injury claim in Florida, an injured victim can hold the at-fault party legally liable for economic and non-economic losses. Though, defendants and the insurers that represent them always want to resolve claims for less. They want to pay as little as possible—possibly even denying compensation altogether. You need a lawyer. Here are five big signs that you should get a personal injury attorney.

  1. You Sustained a Serious Injury: Were you seriously hurt in an accident? There is a lot at stake in your case. Make sure that you get a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney. Big corporations and insurers always try to limit their own liability in serious accident claims.
  2. Fault is in Dispute: In Florida, personal injury liability is generally based on fault. To hold a party liable for your damages, you will need to present evidence that establishes their fault (liability). A lawyer will help you build a strong, compelling, and well-supported legal case.
  3. You Need Financial Compensation: Do you need financial support to pay medical bills, cover lost wages, or compensate you for pain and suffering. A personal injury attorney will help you maximize your financial recovery, either through a settlement or a verdict.
  4. The Insurance Company is Making Things Challenging: Insurance companies are not on your side after a serious accident. You do not have to go up against an insurance carrier alone. An attorney can help you hold an insurance company accountable.
  5. You Have Questions About Your Rights or Responsibilities: Personal injury law is complicated. If you have any specific questions or concerns about your legal rights or legal responsibilities, a Florida personal injury attorney can help.

Do Not Wait to Take Action: Consult With a Personal Injury Attorney Before an Insurer

When should you consult with a personal injury attorney after an accident? As a general rule, the sooner you hire a lawyer, the better position that you will be in to secure financial compensation. You should speak to a personal injury attorney before giving any statement—or answering any questions—from an insurance adjuster. Be sure to talk to a personal injury lawyer before signing any documents or agreeing to settle your case. Keep in mind that most personal injury attorneys offer free initial consultations and work under contingency fee arrangements. You can always afford to hire a top personal injury lawyer.

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