4 Reasons Your Bad Posture Is Affecting Your Back Health, And What You Can Do

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4 Reasons Your Bad Posture Is Affecting Your Back Health, And What You Can Do

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I can safely assume that more than 90% of people in North America have bad posture. It's just a thing to have nowadays, like getting a cold at least once during the winter time.

The reality is that a majority of us work in an office space, which requires us to sit down for extended periods of time.

Your work life may be seriously harming your back health, which is the main reason you have tense shoulders, back pain, and a strained neck.

Here are four mistakes you're making while sitting, and how you can correct them.

1. You're not sitting all the way back in your chair.

If you find yourself sitting on the tip of your chair or that your body is leaning forward towards your desk, that's probably the reason why you're developing lower back and neck strain. Place your chair closer to your desk to avoid bending forward.

2. You're too far from your desk.

The best way to balance yourself and maintain a good posture is placing your forearms on your desk. If you find yourself too close to the screen, find a way to push your screen back or change your position to prevent eye strain.

3. Your feet are not flat on the ground.

Your posture is completely ruined when your feet are not at a 90-degree angle on the floor. Dangling feet is significantly jeopardizing your back health more than you think. If your chair is non-adjustable, try getting another one that will keep you stable.

4. You sit all day and don't ever get up.

Sitting all day stiffens your muscles. Make sure you get on your feet every 30 minutes or so to stretch.

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