It's A Real Fixer Upper - Chip And Joanna Gaines Buy Texas Castle (Photos)

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It's A Real Fixer Upper - Chip And Joanna Gaines Buy Texas Castle (Photos)

Joanna Gaines - Instagram / Zillow

Chip and Joanna Gaines, the masterminds behind Fixer Upper and the Magnolia empire, are known for tackling tough challenges.

And although their newest property definitely requires some TLC, it could shape up to be their nicest home yet.

That's because it's not a house at all, but a 19th century castle.

Fixer Upper Castle
Cottonland Castle was completed in 1913, 23 years after construction began.Zillow

The Cottonland Castle, a 6,700 square foot stone building completed in 1913, was perfectly located near the couple's home and businesses in Waco.

The castle's original owner, stone contractor John Tennant, started work on the property in 1890. His eyes turned out to be bigger than his stomach, and Tennant sold off the unfinished castle to a series of new owners.

Fixer Upper Castle
The home has curb appeal, but the interior has been neglected for decades.Zillow

The finished home boasts three levels, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a basement, eight fireplaces, servants' quarters, a tower, and a backyard pool.

While the castle still has curb appeal, it has not been occupied for two decades. The Waco Tribune-Herald says the property features rotting woodwork, busted electrical and plumbing systems, and "divots" in the stonework.

Fixer Upper Castle
The Texas castle is based on a German design.Zillow
Fixer Upper Caste
Period details from the turn of the 20th century are untouched inside the home.Zillow

Luckily, the Gaines' know how to clear out the cobwebs and make an old home look good as new.

A Magnolia spokesperson revealed Chip and Joanna have had their eye on the property for several years, and made offers to buy it before. While it was recently listed at $425,000, there's no word on how much they spent on it.

Whether the castle will be a new home for the couple and their growing family, or the focus of a new TV series, is unknown.

But the HGTV stars definitely have their hands full with all of their newfound Magnolia businesses, including a coffee shop, cookbooks, product lines, and a restaurant.

One intriguing possibility is that Cottonland could become the latest rental property in Waco owned by the couple. They already manage The Magnolia House and Hillcrest Estates, which are packed with guests year-round.

Fixer Upper Castle
The castle even features a tower.Zillow

The plan could hit a few speed bumps, as other attempts to make the castle into a bed and breakfast have failed, but if anyone can pull off this transformation it would be Waco's own house-flipping geniuses.

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