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What Body Language Experts Have To Say About The 'Fixer Upper' Couple's PDA


Despite the vows you may have taken, it takes a lot to work alongside your significant other for any extended period of time. Now imagine how much more difficult it would be if it was all televised on national television?

That's the sort of pressure that Fixer Upper couple Chip and Joanna Gaines are under constantly, yet they are somehow able to keep it all together. How do they do it?

A group of body language experts sat down to figure out just how this power couple stay on top of their image, and each other.

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They looked at how they act with each other on the show, as well as the pictures that they publicly post on their social media.

While there was a lot of good news, they all agreed that there are some undertones of control at work between the happily married co-hosts.

First things first, they are almost always locked together in their pictures. Body language expert Patti Wood sees this as a sign of stability.

"It's clear that this is a desire to be connected and viewed as a unit," says Wood. "While this can be a type of ownership, there's also a sweetness to this gesture."

But she says she has also seen the gesture used to tone down the excessive behavior that Chip sometimes (often) displays.

"This is her way to reel him back in. It's a grounding move," Wood says.

Their more romantic embraces also tell us about how they view each other's role in the relationship.

Here we see Chip kissing Joanna on the forehead, which subtly asserts dominance. But Wood believes there's more to it than that.

If this was the only way that they kissed each other, then it would be a sign of narcissism, but luckily, they mix it up often enough to show that they see each other as equals.

"When Joanna becomes the center of attention, it's clear that Chip doesn't mind," says Wood. "He always responds to her actions with a smile, indicating that he's fine "” and proud "” of his wife's behavior."

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