Flip Flop Socks Are Real And I Don't Know How To Feel

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Flip Flop Socks Are Real And I Don't Know How To Feel

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Amazing or crazy? The jury is still out. One thing we do know for sure is that flip flop socks are here and they are taking the internet by storm.

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Posted by Sharemyknits on Thursday, September 21, 2017

What are Flip Flop Socks?

Flip Flop Socks are usually knitted half socks, I guess. Basically when wearing these pretty much half your foot is exposed in these toe-less, heel-less wonders. They're designed with the idea that many people struggle during that awkward middle ground between sandal weather and sweater weather. I found it hard to believe that so many of us would need help navigating seasonal footwear but apparently having to stop wearing flip flops is an issue for enough people that this had created a thriving online market.

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Luxuriate the pedicure experience.... #flipflopsocks

Posted by Original Pedi-Sox on Friday, June 29, 2018

I'll definitely admit that at first glance, I giggled to myself and whispered, "What? That's dumb. Put your flip-flops away if your feet are cold." But reading through comments on Instagram and Facebook I have to admit that these may have a number of practical applications.

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Have you ever gone for a pedicure in the winter? You then have to leave the salon in freezing weather. Putting on socks definitely ruins the polish and you don't want to smudge your toes.

In Conclusion

If you feel the need to wear flip flop socks, who is anybody to judge you. Would I buy them? Probably not. But lots of people do so don't feel weird about it. It's better than the alternative. 😳

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