The Food Cubby Is A Brilliant Must-Have For Picky Eaters


The Food Cubby Is A Brilliant Must-Have For Picky Eaters

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Do you have brumotactillophobia?

This fear of food touching, considered a mild form of an anxiety disorder like obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

While hard numbers about this food fear are hard to track down, the National Institutes of Health say about 1% of the adult U.S. population have been diagnosed with OCD.

For whatever reason - the look of their food, the texture, or just an innate need for control -  picky eaters with this kind of anxiety hate it when different types of food mingle on their plate.

Food Cubby
The silicone barrier keeps food in its place.Food Cubby - Facebook

The quirky new solution for this age old problem is the Food Cubby, a smile-shaped silicone divider that neatly splits up your plate into mess-free sections.

The idea of a food-separating product is not exactly new - segmented combination plates have existed for a long, long time - but the Food Cubby is a simple and effective way to keep any plate tidy.

It has also earned plenty of 5-star Amazon reviews, from picky eaters, desperate parents, and even patients with conditions like autism who get stressed out by mixed-up meals.

Food Cubby
The Food Cubby is not just for picky eaters, it can also ease anxiety.Food Cubby - Facebook

The product's description adds that people with special needs, the blind and vision impaired, and even patients in physical therapy have all benefited from using the Food Cubby.

The Cubby actually attaches to the plate with suction, firmly enough to keep food from seeping under it but not so strong that it will damage your plate. The dividers are made with FDA-approved food-grade silicone that's BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

You can even microwave food safely with the Food Cubby on your plate.

Food Cubby's makers even say it's a helpful tool for portion control diets, since each one fits about ½ cup of food.

Get your own Food Cubby 2-pack here.

Learn more about Food Cubby on their Facebook page.

Do you know someone who can't stand food touching on their plate?

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