Forget About Peeps, Build Guy-Approved #SlimJimBoldBaskets This Easter!

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Forget About Peeps, Build Guy-Approved #SlimJimBoldBaskets This Easter!

This Easter, you might be grabbing colorful chocolate eggs and marshmallow chicks for the kids, but what about the men in your life?! Show them you care with the most reliable treat...when you make your stop at Walmart, walk past the Peeps, and head straight to the snack aisle for Slim Jims!

Guys across America love to snap into a Slim Jim. Whether you choose the Original or Mild, you can't beat the intense flavor of Slim Jim, and it's the perfect addition to a bold Easter basket that will win over every man's heart (and stomach)! Fill your own #SlimJimBoldBaskets with guy-approved goodies - we headed to Walmart and picked up some silly socks, sunglasses and Jiffy Pop popcorn, but customize it and make it your own for a chance to win a $100 Walmart gift card. Enter to win here, and have fun building your own #SlimJimBoldBaskets!

Materials Needed:


  1. Start by filling the bottom of your basket as much as needed with shredded paper.
  2. Fill top of basket with Slim Jim Original and Mild, Jiffy Pop popcorn, and whatever other items you have selected from Walmart.
  3. Attach a bow to your basket, and present your #SlimJimBoldBaskets to the guys in your life!

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