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Fran Drescher Finally Opens Up About Her 2-Year Cancer Battle

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She had style, she had flair, she was on our favorite TV show, then she seemed to vanish from Hollywood.

It turns out the reason for Fran Drescher's sudden disappearance from public life was a years-long cancer battle, and the actress is opening up about her experience with the disease.

Drescher rose to fame as the star of The Nanny, then left  TV when the show ended in 1999.


She returned for a new show, Living With Fran, in 2005. But Drescher's biggest fans wondered what had happened to the sitcom star in-between those projects.

Drescher reveals that she had a close call in 2000, after being diagnosed with uterine cancer. While she received treatment soon after, Drescher says she struggled to get the right diagnosis for years.

"I went down this two-year, eight-doctor odyssey, to get a proper diagnosis of uterine cancer," she explains. "I kept slipping through the cracks." While the symptoms were there from the start, none of her doctors recognized them. Her first doctor even told her she was too young for uterine cancer.

Drescher in 2000.CloudPix

Drescher says her doctors were thinking, "'If you hear galloping, don't look for a zebra because it's probably a horse,' yet if you happen to be a zebra like I was, you're going to slip through the cracks."

Once she finally got the right diagnosis, Drescher needed emergency surgery.

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