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People Just Figured Out Where They Know "The Good Doctor" From And They're Freaking Out

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The Good Doctor skyrocketed to become one of the most popular television shows currently on air. The story follows Dr. Shaun Murphy, a skilled surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, who is trying to assimilate into the workings of a busy hospital. The show starts with Dr. Murphy being vetted by hospital officials, who are all concerned about his potential limitations. His mentor, Dr. Aaron Glassman, stands by Dr. Murphy and pleads his case.


The show is ground-breaking, as it follows a character who is autistic as he performs one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Other shows, like The Big Bang Theory, will often hint towards autistic tendencies in their characters but never actually confirm it. That's why The Good Doctor is resonating with so many fans.

Sharon Orduna and her daughter, Kiera, make it a routine to sit and watch The Good Doctor every week. Kiera, 23, falls on the autism spectrum, and Sharon says the show helps them bond.

"She's an Asperger kid, really gifted in mathematics," Orduna said. "He really doesn't get sarcasm, and Kiera still has issues with that. I think they hit that right out of the park."

Dr. Shaun Murphy is played by 25-year-old British actor, Freddie Highmore, and is already receiving great praise for his portrayal of a person with autism.


He received a Golden Globe nomination for his role in the show, and his appearance on the red carpet started turning a lot of wheels for fans. Suddenly, they started to recognize the star for his past work.

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His role on Bates Motel is fairly well known, but it was one of his earliest pieces that had people freaking out.

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