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Mom Warns Parents About The Schoolyard Craze That Nearly Killed Her 12-Year-Old Son

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Kids are curious, but sometimes the things they do can get them into serious trouble. 12-year-old Freddie Webster was trying out the latest schoolyard trend with his friends, but it ended up sending him to the hospital for emergency surgery after causing damage that could have killed him.

Freddie had put a magnetic ball bearing into his mouth, and used another on the side of his cheek. He wanted to test the magnetic ability, but he accidentally swallowed them. He didn't think much of it, and continued to try it again and again. In the end he ended up swallowing four of the powerful magnets.

It wasn't until hours later that it started to hurt. The magnets in his stomach had started to do serious damage to his small bowel.

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His mom, Sarah, revealed that she had found out about the first two, but not the second set.

"Freddie had swallowed the first two magnets at school on the Tuesday, and although I didn't know at the time, he then swallowed two more later that day. He told me on the Wednesday that he had swallowed two magnets and at that time I thought they would just pass."

His stomach started hurting the next day, but after two days of pain, he finally revealed that it had been much worse than his mother knew.

"On the Wednesday night he started with stomach ache, but by the Friday morning he told me that the stomach ache wouldn't go away and he said it had kept him awake the night before."

She called the doctor right away. "I rang the doctors on the Friday morning and I told them about swallowing the magnets. They asked how many he had swallowed, which is when Freddie told me it was four."

They told her to go to the hospital immediately, because of the severe damage that the magnets could cause. They brought him in for an X-ray which revealed the dire truth of the situation...

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