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He Paid For A Stranger's Coffee, And Wound Up Saving His Life

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Glen Oliver has a small ritual that helped one stranger in a very big way.

Four years ago, Oliver was in line for coffee behind someone who didn't have enough change for their purchase. He covered their bill instead, and ever since he's made a habit of "paying it forward" whenever he's at the coffee shop.

Kristy Cambron

Whether he just buys a coffee for the next person in line, or leaves $10 with the cashier, Oliver says his charitable habit is "the least I can do." He always gives his treats away anonymously, but he has a signature: he always asks the cashier to tell the next customer "Have a great day."

Oliver says that last part is just in case the customer is "not having one already," but it's exactly what a stranger needed to hear this summer.


In a letter to the local newspaper, the Pickering News Advertiser, an anonymous person said they were suicidal, and planned to end their life last July. But on their planned last day, the letter's writer stopped for a coffee.

Before they could pay, the clerk told them, “The nice man already paid for it and he said to have a great day.”

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