Designer Creates The Most Stunning Dresses That Look Like They're Alive

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Designer Creates The Most Stunning Dresses That Look Like They're Alive

Sylvie Facon

Ever since I was little, I loved putting on dresses. Whether they were casual for a day in class, or a big puffy number for a beloved relative's wedding, they were essentially the only piece of clothing I'd wear.

Fast forward to adulthood, and I'm still the same way. I'm frequently seen wearing a dress in the office, leaving my coworkers are stunned if they see me in any form of pants.

But for formal events, gowns can be expensive, and I often find myself browsing the web for styles I wish I could afford.

Recently, I stumbled upon French designer Sylvie Facon, who creates the most stunning dresses imaginable.  

Made with beautiful fabrics and intricate patterns, these frocks aren't something you'd see in your typical department store.

But cloth isn't the only material she's been using. For one of her handcrafted dresses, Facon used the spines of old texts to create her old fashioned, book store-inspired dress.

To create this gorgeous gown, Facon teamed up with costume designer Morgane E. Grosdemange and their creation is simply incredible.

These haute couture dresses can be custom made, with anything in your imagination being a possibility.

Take a look for yourself!

I feel like I've traveled back in time with this number

The materials used create the most stunning details

This dress is an inspiration to all musicians

It's literally a painting you can wear

And if you ever wanted to be a mermaid

What does your dream dress look like?

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