People Are Freezing Their Pants Off In The Latest Internet Challenge


Liar liar pants

Finally, there's an internet challenge that doesn't make you hang your head in shame of the coming generation.

If you've watched TV, went online, opened a newspaper or even turned on a radio at any point this week, you've heard of the polar vortex which has chilled many states right to the bone.

The cold air from the Arctic was pushed south by the jet stream and it brought with it record-setting cold temperatures that were shocking and deadly.


Chicago had a wind chill of -50°F and registered the coldest temperature it had seen in 150 years. Most parts of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and North Dakota were affected by the biting cold.

We've seen some truly incredible images emerge this week. Chicago lit its train tracks on fire to warm them up and keep them operational, but it was Lake Michigan that stole the show. It almost completely froze over and iced up anything near it as well.


Social media was buzzing with people complaining about the cold, but because we're in a digital age now, people have started a new internet "challenge."

The frozen pants challenge is officially the coolest thing we've seen in years.

People are taking their clothes, watering them down, and standing them upright in the frigid temps.

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#Frozenpants just waiting

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The results are hilarious and unique, not too mention a great way to entertain yourself after a week spent huddled inside.

It's also a testament to just how cold it really is. Doctors warn that at this weather people can get frost bite in as little as five minutes. Meaning it's very important to be wearing pants, so hopefully these are just props.

Past internet challenges have been ridiculous, or down right dangerous, like when it became popular to eat Tide pods. Thankfully the frozen pants challenge is something we don't feel bad for laughing at.

Even the police are getting involved.

But the whole point of a challenge is to out-do your opponent and people are taking it seriously.

Sorry everyone, I think I found the winner.

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There won't be long for you to take part in the frozen pants challenge. The weather is supposed to skyrocket, warming by as much as 80 degrees by next week.

It'll be a welcome change, even if that means we lose this challenge.

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