Here's Why You Need To Pull Over When You Spot A Funeral Procession

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Here's Why You Need To Pull Over When You Spot A Funeral Procession

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The "rules of the road" don't just include the laws we follow to keep from crashing into other cars every day.

There are unspoken rules too, the kind that help us keep the piece in those tricky moments like changing lanes.

But even if you've been driving all your life, rare and challenging situations - like a funeral procession, can still trip you up.

Even a pair of hearses can qualify as a legally protected funeral procession.Sarah Gath - Flickr

While new drivers are trained to pull over for emergency vehicles (and required to by law), the etiquette and rules for a convoy of funeral vehicles aren't always clear.

In fact, many states do have laws requiring drivers to make way for funeral processions just as they would for a first responder's vehicle.

And it usually makes no difference if there's a police escort. Even a pair of hearses qualify as a funeral procession in many jurisdictions.

Refusing to pull over for these cars can earn you a ticket, and if your case is publicized you'll probably be rightfully shamed for your disrespectful behavior. Take it from this delivery driver who was fired for just that reason.

Funeral procession
Failing to pull over for a funeral procession can earn you a ticket.Einar Jí¸rgen Haraldseid - Flickr

You'll need to do a little research to learn the exact rules and penalties for your state - if it even has any.

It's crucial information, because funeral cars can actually run red lights and roll through stop signs in some jurisdictions. If you're not aware of the rules, you could be at fault for an accident involving one of these cars.

This is why it's always smart to use good manners and common sense on the road: when you notice funeral flags, purple lights, or a convoy of cars, it's just polite to give them the right of way.

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Did you realize it's illegal to block a funeral procession in some states?

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