Watch: Dad Hilariously Pranks His Family With Tricky Gender Reveal


Watch: Dad Hilariously Pranks His Family With Tricky Gender Reveal

Daniella Moneta - Facebook

Part of becoming a dad is mastering the "dad joke."

While this classic art form is often mistaken for simple puns, fathers actually have a unique knack for annoying humor of all sorts.

Although New Yorker Anthony Moneta is a new dad, it's clear from his viral gender reveal that he's already a master of the dad joke, as he kept his family guessing and groaning under the very end.

The couple had two tricky shirts custom made, then waited for their big day.Daniella Moneta - Facebook

Moneta and his wife, Daniella, decided to wait until their child was born to learn its sex. The proud dad was given the job of revealing the news to his family in the hospital waiting room, and made them all crack up with his clever presentation.

As everyone waited anxiously for the news, Moneta unzipped his jacket to reveal a blue shirt.

But while everyone thought blue meant a boy, Moneta revealed the entire shirt. "It's a girl!" it read.

Far from being disappointed by the bait and switch, Moneta's family cheered even louder as they learned they were welcoming a baby girl.


Posted by Daniella Moneta on Thursday, February 14, 2019

Daniella actually deserves credit for the tricky gender reveal, as she told Good Morning America after the video went viral.

"My mom really wanted us to do a gender reveal," she said, "but we didn't want to find out [the baby's sex] so I kept thinking, 'maybe I'll tell them in a fun way.' I just wanted to trick them a bit."

The couple had prepared for either outcome with a pair of custom made shirts - the one announcing a boy was pink.

Newborn baby
Baby Sienna is happy and healthy.Daniella Moneta

The couple's newborn daughter, Sienna, was delivered on February 4 and is "really good," according to Daniella.

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