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Garth Brooks Had A Romantic Surprise Planned For The CMA Awards - But They Won't Air It

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After wrapping up a three-year world tour, you would think that country legend Garth Brooks would take it easy for a few months.

But the singer, who sold a record-breaking 6.3 million tickets while touring with his wife, Trisha Yearwood, is already teasing new music.

The trouble is, Brooks has a very specific plan to release his new song, and he says his dream venue - next month's CMA Awards - have turned him down.

This song could be "the most well-written thing I've ever had to lend my voice to."

Garth Brooks
Brooks says he has a special new song dedicated to his wife, Trisha Yearwood.Fatherspoon - Flickr

Brooks has a lot on his mind right now: after getting home he announced he was leaving again on a three-year solo tour which will include 30 American cities.

And next month, the latest installment of his Anthology album series will be released.

But Brooks is already planning ahead for this year's CMA awards, and has a very romantic performance in mind.

At a press conference last week, Brooks revealed plans to serenade his "queen" Trisha Yearwood onstage at next month's awards ceremony.

And he has a new never-before-heard song to play in her honor.

Trisha Yearwood Garth Brooks
Brooks wants to perform his song for the first time - ever - for Yearwood.Disney - ABC Television / Flickr

"I won't play it for anybody else because it's a song, you're not going to believe it's written by guys, it's a song about the strength of a woman. And for me, that's Trisha," Brooks explained.

"A man has a strength and a woman has a strength, but the woman has a strength the man can't understand," he added. "That's what this song focuses on, is how we as men are so damn lucky to be around them."

It sounds sweet, but the singer also teased this song was "maybe the most well-written thing I've ever had to lend my voice to. It's beautiful."

"So this is going to be probably my most enjoyable CMAs yet, because I get to go with the love of my life and my best friend."

Garth Brooks Trisha Yearwood
Sadly, the singer says his performance has been turned down by the CMAs.Disney - ABC Television / Flickr

Brooks says that, so far, only he and his team have heard the song, so it would be a total surprise for Yearwood during the ceremony.

The only problem? The CMAs are not interested, according to Brooks.

"They've been very sweet. They kinda came back and said, 'Hey look, something new that's a ballad probably doesn't work for us,'" he revealed.

"So, cool. I'll find some other way for her to hear it. So, right now, we're just coming to attend."

It's upsetting news for Brooks' fans, who would have loved to hear a new ballad and see Yearwood's reaction at the same time.

But the country star is taking the bad news in stride.

"So this is going to be probably my most enjoyable CMAs yet, because I get to go with the love of my life and my best friend, and we'll get dressed up and probably go to Taco Bell after."

Country Music's King And Queen

Garth Brooks Trisha Yearwood
Brooks and Yearwood at NASA's mission control in Houston, Texas.Robert Markowicz / NASA

Given how lovey-dovey they still are in every single public appearance, you may be surprised to learn Brooks and Yearwood have been married for 13 years.

And after more than a decade together, this country music power couple still have puppy love.

"We like to be together," Yearwood put it simply in an interview with The Boot. "We don't like to be apart."

"We plan our days if we're gonna be apart so that we can get back together as soon as possible."

But that doesn't mean they're stuck at the hip 24/7, as Yearwood explained:

"Most things we do as Garth and Trisha, but there are also things we do that's 'Garth stuff' and 'Trisha stuff,' that's separate."

Of course, the couple also spend plenty of time looking after their three daughters, who are from Brooks' previous marriage but called "bonus daughters" by Yearwood.

"I'm invested in this family," she told US Magazine, "this is what I want for myself and no offense to anything else in my past, but I get it, I get it now and this is what I want. So we just earn it. Day by day."

And there's no doubt Brooks is just as dedicated. Yearwood brags that he still wakes up early every day to make her coffee, and introduces her to everyone as "the love of my life."

Meanwhile, Yearwood likes to joke that Brooks is "my current husband."

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