Garth Brooks Gives Astronaut Fan An Out Of This World Surprise at NASA

They say be careful what you wish for it might just come true. Jack Fischer, a NASA astronaut learned that in the best way possible.

Back in April, in preparation for his first space flight, Fischer sent out a tweet with his pre-launch playlist including his favorite, The River by Garth Brooks.

The space expert didn't think much of his actions when he shared the song list but this  past week, it payed off in a big way.

As part of Brooks' video series, Inside Studio G, the country star and his wife Trisha Yearwood filmed a Facebook live segment from inside the Mission Control Center at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. The couple surprised Fischer and his teammate, astronaut Dr. Peggy Whitson with a video satellite chat while they were on their mission to space.

“It was so cool,” Brooks told People in an exclusive interview. “When you get to talk to two people in their field, it’s cool to get to be in their life. And it’s cool to get that pinch of reality where your music is in their life. I never can digest that, ever. It’s just so sweet.”

Fischer made sure to let Brooks now of the impact his music has had on his life.

“I think you have so many great songs and so many great messages but it’s the heart that you put in every performance and the soul that you put into all those songs that make them so impactful,” Fischer told an emotional Brooks.

The country power couple also had a few more surprises in store for Fischer including a visit from his family.

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As members of the music industry, Brooks and Yearwood understand the importance of having family support while one is away from home, so they invited Fischer's wife, Elizabeth and daughter, Sariah to join them at the center.

“My favorite two words of the whole conversation were ‘Hi Daddy,'” Brooks said. “As a guy who was out on the road, you’d hear the phone slip to your baby and you’d just wait for that first breath and hear that, ‘Hi Daddy.'”

As sweet as that moment had been for the family, the cherry on the cake for Fischer was Brooks and Yearwood's goosebumps-inducing performace of The River.


This moment was one Fischer would never forget as the song has inspired him throughout the years.

"The River in particular was pretty much my anthem for almost the last three decades, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an inspiration for so many and making those words count,” Fischer said.

Both Fischer and Whitson are grateful for Brooks and Yearwood's visit and for raising awareness of the important work astronauts do.

"Talking to Garth and Trisha today was a great reminder of how widespread the public’s interest in space is and how, as astronauts, we have a unique opportunity to share the importance of NASA’s mission and STEM, and hopefully show the next generation the inspirational power of exploration,” Fischer and Whitson said in a joint statement.

The pair invited Brooks to come back another time and join them in training, but Brooks was quick to turn the offer down because he's more comfortable on stage than in space.

“No, hell no. Let me stop you—no. Are you kidding me?” Brooks says, laughing. “I’m too much of a wuss, a chicken. Not unless they want a concert up there. Then yeah, probably.”

Brooks' Inside Studio G series airs every Monday at 7pm on his Facebook page here.

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