Get Ready For This New Flavor of M&M's

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Get Ready For This New Flavor of M&M's

You're in for some exciting news if you're a fan of M&M's! They just gave their popular multicolored treats a big makeover. We all love the current candy-coated treats just fine, but wouldn't you love to try the new Strawberry Nut flavored M&M's?

The treats are inspired by chocolate-covered strawberries, and who doesn't like those? According to People magazine, the new flavor is "similar to last year's release of the Strawberry Milk Chocolate Covered M&Ms, but these have the extra bonus of a nut."

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The brand new flavor is expected to hit Walmart and RiteAid store shelves in spring 2017, so start looking for them right now. It's best to stock up while you can, because Strawberry Nut M&M's will be available for a limited time only. Enjoy!

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