Get Your Resume, It Looks Like Area 51 Is Hiring

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Get Your Resume, It Looks Like Area 51 Is Hiring

Area 51 is one of, if not the most secretive places located in the continental United States. People from all walks of life have been speculating what actually goes on behind the locked doors of the installation for decades, many choosing to believe that the government has been hiding proof of alien life.

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Well, now is your chance to "find out" for yourself. Area 51 is currently hiring people to work on their private airline, Janet Flight 211. The plane operates out of its own hanger, and it doesn't have any markings or branding on it, but it is recognizable by its red stripe down both sides of the aircraft.

Area 51 employees are flown in multiple times a day from a Las Vegas airfield, and there is no way to actually purchase a ticket to ride the plane if you are a private citizen. You either have to work at the Groom Lake facility, or you have to work on the airplane itself, and a job has recently opened up on the secretive shuttle.

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Do you have what it takes to work on one of the most secretive airplanes in the world?

The job posting on the Aecom website is asking for applications for the job as a flight attendant, and it lists some interesting requirements. It is asking for  a "level-headed and clear-thinking" individual, with "top-secret government clearance," to perform tasks like "light cleaning of aircraft interiors." You only need a high school diploma, and you must be able to handle "unusual incidents" like hijackings and bomb threats.

The job ad doesn't ever specifically mention Janet or Area 51, but the nature of the content has led most to believe the job is on the secretive airline. It's hard to believe that it would be for anywhere else when it says it operates out of Las Vegas and requires top-secret clearance.  

Would you be interested in working for Area 51?