Mom Claims Son's Ghost Appeared On Her Security Camera


Mom Claims Son's Ghost Appeared On Her Security Camera

Jennifer Hodge - Facebook

Most of us would be terrified if we saw a notification from our security camera in the dead of night, warning that someone had been spotted in our entryway.

But for Atlanta woman Jennifer Hodge, the sight of a stranger in her home was actually comforting.

She shared footage captured by her Nest camera on Facebook this week, insisting that the "person" caught on video is actually the spirit of her son, Robbie.

Jennifer Hodges
Hodges holds up a photo of her late son, Robbie.Jennifer Hodge - Facebook

Hodge explains that she was watching TV with her daughter in her bedroom late at night when they received an email message from their camera about a person in their home.

"When we pulled up the image this is what we saw..." she said while sharing the image. "For everyone who knows what my son looks like, they know that this looks just like him beard and all!"

The grieving mom even shared a photo of her late son, so viewers could decide for themselves if they noticed the resemblance.

Ghost security footage
Hodge is convinced the apparition is her son Robbie's spirit.Jennifer Hodge - Facebook

Hodge says that she investigated the camera in her kitchen, which was "in flip out mode," but apparently there was no sign of an intruder.

"We have no clue what to think about all of this but so happy to be able to know my beautiful boy is always with us!" she wrote. "Please share as this offers hope for so many."

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Hodge' son Robbie died of drug-related causes in 2016.

Before he passed away, Robbie helped his mother found a charity called Realty4Rehab, which offers support to people suffering from drug addiction.

Last night, I was home alone with my youngest daughter watching a show in my bedroom... We started an hour long episode...

Posted by Jennifer Bryant Hodge on Sunday, January 6, 2019

In comments on her posts about the ghost sighting, Hodge revealed she thought her paranormal visit had a special meaning.

"I felt like he was letting me know he is happy in heaven," she wrote.

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Do you believe Hodge saw a ghost? Have you ever seen one yourself?

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