Gifts For Dad That Keep Giving

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Gifts For Dad That Keep Giving

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Trying to find the perfect gift for your dad for the holidays can be hard, and finding something that he'll actually keep using can be a challenge. These gift ideas are things that your father can use all year long so you don't have to buy another cheesy gag gift since you ran out of other ideas.

Lawn Mowing Service

90% of people prefer having a grass lawn over any alternative option, so the odds are that your dad has a lawn that needs to be mowed. If he is starting to get older and the act of getting out to mow the lawn is no longer as easy as it used to be, paying for a lawn mowing service is a great way to help him out and get a gift he will actually make use of.

Make sure that you read online reviews for lawn services that work in the area where your dad lives. If you know his neighbors, you can ask them for recommendations. Once you've found the perfect place, double-check their scheduling and how often they will come to mow the lawn so you have all the information to give your father when he opens his gift.

If you have any siblings, this is also a great gift to give together since mowing services can get pretty pricey.

Snow Blowing or Plowing Service

Similarly to the lawn mowing service, getting a snow blowing or plowing service can be a great gift for the cold winter months. Heart attacks, muscle strain, and slip and fall injuries can easily occur while someone is trying to shovel or snow blow their own driveway. Getting a professional to do it instead is not only more convenient -- it is safer. If your dad is not the most active guy, gifting him this service can save him from early mornings clearing the driveway.

Make sure that when you are selecting a snow removal service, you check all of their policies and reviews online. Since snow removal happens whenever it snows and not at regular intervals, different companies will have different policies. For example, some will only come to plow if your dad's area gets at least half an inch of snow. They may also have a certain time that they aim to get driveways plowed by, so if your dad or someone living with him has to leave by seven in the morning for work, make sure that the plow service will be there before then.

Once again, this is a great group gift to give if you have siblings or other relatives that want to pitch in.

Cigars paired with a beverage

If you want to delight your father with a lavish and unique gift, then Cigars with a beverage can be what you are looking for. This alcohol & cigar hamper will provide him with an enjoyable and relaxing time. Real aficionados will appreciate Bolivar Cigars with their strongest and most complex type. It can be perfectly paired with Irish whiskey, cognac, rum, or bourbon.  As for milder smokers, there are Davidoff, H. Upmann, Fonseca cigars, and others. Though mild, they can still provide a complex and flavorful taste.

A Thoughtful Gift Card or Voucher

Gift cards are often considered a cop-out in terms of a gift, but that doesn't have to be the case. If you get your dad a gift card to a generic store, like Target or Amazon, that can definitely come across as impersonal. However, if you get him a gift card to a place that he regularly goes to or for a service that he regularly needs, a gift card can actually be very thoughtful.

For example, if you dad has a Mercedes Benz and he loves his car like it's another child, getting him a gift card to the auto shop where he usually gets his oil changed is a great gift that he will definitely use. If the auto shop offers prepaid oil changes, you can also opt to purchase one of those as well. Considering the fact that he only needs an oil change every 7,500 miles or six months, you could get him a gift card that will cover two oil changes and you will have paid for them for the year.

If your dad loves golfing, getting him a gift card or voucher that covers the cost of a few games of golf is a great way to encourage his hobby without buying another piece of specialized gear that he may not actually use. You can also offer to join him when he uses the card or voucher to encourage quality time together.

Giving your dad a gift card where you can both enjoy and surprise him with exciting activities is a great gift idea to show your love and appreciation for him. You can find different gift cards online with activities, places, and experiences your dad will surely enjoy.

Personalized Products

If your dad has something that he uses every day, like a briefcase, cuff links, or a wallet, and it needs to be updated or replaced, getting him a nice monogrammed version of that item is a great way to make it personalized. You may be able to add a message to the inside of whatever you are monogramming so you can leave a nice message that your dad can see daily.

A lot of small businesses on sites like Etsy have monogrammed products, so you can also support the small business economy while you're getting a personalized gift for your dad.

A Fun Monthly Subscription

There are subscriptions for just about everything that you can imagine. No matter what your dad is interested in, there is definitely a subscription box for it. There are subscription boxes for socks, coffee, alcohol, camping gear, flowers, and a multitude of other things.

If your dad is part of the 86% of people who feel special when they receive flowers, look into local flower companies that will let you schedule out flower deliveries at set intervals for the year. Every month, he will be reminded of the fact that you gave him a gift that brings him joy every single month.

If your dad is a fan of a certain kind of alcohol, like whiskey, there are different subscription services that will deliver a monthly sampling of different types of whiskey. He can find new types of whiskey that he likes and get the chance to test out new whiskeys without having to buy an entire bottle of a certain kind. Some subscriptions like this will have you fill out a flavor profile so they know what you're interested in trying out, so make sure to have your dad fill out the questionnaire before the first delivery to make sure that he likes what he's getting.

No matter what kind of gift you give your dad, he will know that you are giving it with love and appreciate the thought behind it. If you give him a gift that he can use every day or a subscription to a service or gift box he will be reminded throughout the year of the thought and love that you put into your gift.

What are you planning on giving your dad this year? And if you're a dad, what's the best gift you've received from one of your children?

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