Ginger From "Gilligan's Island" Made A Rare Public Appearance, And She Looks Great

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Ginger From "Gilligan's Island" Made A Rare Public Appearance, And She Looks Great

"A movie star, the professor, and Mary on Gilligan's Isle!"

We all know the words to the Gilligan's Island theme song, probably because it was everyone's favorite show growing up. I watched reruns for years and years, and my parents loved that I was enjoying something from their childhood.

For me, Ginger was the best character because I also have red hair. I thought it was so cool that someone famous and I shared that trait.

Tina Louise, who played Ginger on the iconic show, was always regarded as a beautiful fashionista. For three years, she managed to make island castaway fashion look great.


But the show ended in 1967, and we all know that time can be a cruel mistress. We rarely saw Louise at the Gilligan's Island TV reunions, so it was hard to gauge if the red-headed beauty was still rocking her signature good looks.

However, Louise recently stepped out in Los Angeles looking as youthful as ever!

Tina Louise is seen in Los Angeles, California.Getty

The 85-year-old actress stunned in a form fitting purple dress, and of course her iconic red hair.

Louise says she still gets recognized for her role on Gilligan's Island and loves that fans are still appreciating the work they did.

"I get letters every day at my house," Louise told Forbes. "I appreciate the fact that they love the series. I once had somebody come up to me in a restaurant, She said she was sorry to interrupt, but that her husband was dying of cancer and liked to look at the show every single day. That was very, very important. I respect the fact that people like it so much."

Tina Louise is seen on April 17, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.Getty

But even if fans love talking about the show, Louise isn't always opening to chatting about it. She made a point of not attending as many reunion shows as her co-stars.

"I can't deal with going back," she told Forbes. "I like now."

Louise and Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann, are the only two members of the Gilligan's Island cast still alive. That doesn't mean they're friends, though.

Dawn and I have never been close, we just never clicked," Louise once said. "She was very much about pleasing everyone and I have never been that way."


"We're not enemies, but we're not close," Wells echoed. "I did a play in New York a few years ago for seven or eight weeks, but she didn't come. I don't think we have a whole lot in common. We shared a lot because it was such an exceptional story with the [Gilligan's Island] series. We shared a part of history. She's a stage actress and so am I, but we come from different backgrounds."

The two may not be friends, but they are both cemented as television icons for their classic roles on Gilligan's Island.

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