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20 Gingerbread Houses (Hopefully) Not Made By Architects

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Building gingerbread houses is one of the best traditions around the holidays. It's a fun activity where you get to play with your food, so where can you go wrong?

This. This is where you can go wrong.

1. First off, those aren't even gingerbread cookies.


2. Very minimalist, both in appearance and effort.

Why doesn't mine look like the picture #gingerbreadhousefail #gingerbreadhouse

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3. This took a dark turn.


4. Why is the chimney flat?

No filter needed #gingerbreadhousefail #shetries #niceeffort @paulinecaballero

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5. I want to say you tried, but I really don't know that you did.


6. You can't just pile the cookies and call it a day.

7. One solitary tear rolls down her face as her home is destroyed.


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