Girl Ruptured Her Organs By Screaming Too Loud At A One Direction Concert

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Girl Ruptured Her Organs By Screaming Too Loud At A One Direction Concert

Anyone who's ever gone to see any major pop artist live can attest to the sheer volume that screaming pre-teen girls are able to reach. Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't experienced it for themselves: it's a lot.

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Oftentimes the performers don't even have to do anything; their sheer presence and the fact that they exist is enough to send their fans into a frenzy, screaming their little hearts out in order to maybe attract the attention of whoever's on stage. It'd be adorable if it wasn't also absolutely deafening for everybody within earshot.


This is of course nothing new, as there have been avid fans of celebrities for about as long as the concept of a celebrity has been a thing, but you have to wonder what kind of an impact phenomenons like this can have not only on the celebrity, but on the droves of screaming fans, who Twilight star Robert Pattinson once described as sounding like "opening the gates of Hell."

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Well, a young One Direction fan discovered the answer to this in possibly the most brutal way possible, as her frantic, excited screaming landed her in the hospital...

According to the BBC, the 16-year-old fan, who has not been named, noticed she was having a hard time keeping her breath during the concert, but kept screaming anyway because she was "a super fan." Upon her trip to the hospital straight afterwards, doctors made a pretty shocking discovery.

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It turned out that the girl had suffered air leaks into three different anatomical spaces, which definitely meant that something was wrong with her lungs. Dr. J Mack Slaughter, who examined her, discovered that a tear in her lung had caused air to escape in three places: between the lung and the chest wall, into the chest cavity and behind the pharynx.


According to him, this combination of symptoms has never been seen before. In fact, the only other records of a lung tearing due to screaming or singing in any way whatsoever were from an army drill sergeant, and an opera singer. After extensive testing, it was found that nothing was wrong with the girl's anatomy or health in general; it was entirely her screaming that caused this to happen.

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In short, this case should probably serve as a warning to people to be careful of how loud and long they scream for at any event.