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GM Is Launching A Driverless Taxi Service In 2019

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If you've ever been a fan of science fiction over the last few decades, chances are you've had much the same questions as the rest of us; things like "will we get to live in space?", "what other life forms might be out in the universe?", and of course, "can radiation actually give me superpowers?" (no it can't, it will just make you sick, please do not try).

Spider-Man we are not.FOX

However, if you're anything like me, then the first and foremost question on your mind has been "when are we going to have robots that can do all of our chores and errands for us?" Seriously, it's been decades since The Jetsons first showed us a society where machines can basically do everything for us, and yet I'm still here typing this article out manually like a sucker.


Well, while we haven't had all of the technological advancements that shows promised us back in the day, GM has recently announced something that's conjuring up visions of Total Recall: they plan on introducing an entire robot taxi cab service by 2019.

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