Going Fishing: Searching for the Perfect Physician for Your Practice

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Going Fishing: Searching for the Perfect Physician for Your Practice

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Looking for a physician for your practice can be an exhausting task. Not only do you have to worry about finding the right person for the job, but you also have to go through the process of screening and interviewing candidates. Weeding out underqualified candidates and trudging through disappointing interviews can leave you feeling a bit discouraged. You're looking to build a well-oiled machine, a community of practitioners interested in the positive trajectory of your company. Copious amounts of time and energy go into the hiring process, and you need as many stress-relieving avenues as possible.

There are a few options to improve the hiring pool and increase your chances of finding a personal physician for your facility.

Invite-Only Hiring Events

Hiring events are a great way to gain access to a curated pool of candidates. You can invite potential employees directly. Reach out through social media profiles like LinkedIn and extend an invitation to the event. Ask them to bring a copy of their resume as well as any references. You can hold an interview on the spot. This is an efficient way to acquire talent and maintain control over who attends the event.

You can have your current staff attend the gathering and see how the applicants get along with the rest of the team. You want your office running as smoothly as possible and that can only be done with a staff that works and learns well together.

Hiring events can also be a great way to market your practice. You can invite potential patients to the event and give them a glimpse into what it would be like to receive care from your team of physicians. This is a great way to see how your prospective candidates communicate with your clientele.

They should be courteous and kind,  answering any questions that patients may have. A physician is the face of your practice and you want to ensure that they are putting their best foot forward.

Consider adjusting your interview style. Create a round-table atmosphere where everyone can contribute to the conversation. Make your candidates feel comfortable and welcome. This gives them a chance to calm any nerves they have and see how well they fit into your work environment.

Posting Job Listings on Recruiting Websites

Recruiting websites are another way to ensure that you're choosing from a viable list of prospects. These companies do most of the legwork for you; making sure that the applicants are a good fit for your company. They review location, educational background, specialties, skillsets, and previous job experience.

They have access to filtering technology that allows them to cut down the applicant pool by hundreds. The website's algorithms are designed to match your company with the most qualified candidates.

It's a good idea to include as much information about yourself and your practice on the recruiting site. This will help potential employees decide if they want to work for you before applying or scheduling an interview.

You don't have to spend hours going through hundreds of resumes and applications.  Bypass the time-consuming task of sorting through underqualified candidates. You can find the perfect physician for your practice with the assistance of the right agent. Recruiting companies assign you a personal hiring manager that works with you throughout the entire process. They're in charge of filtering you exemplary choices for your consideration.

Direct Hire

This is similar to the hiring event, but instead of hosting an entire gathering, you are extending offers to a select number of applicants. Recruiting agencies to offer this as an option. Instead of them bringing candidates to you and scheduling a series of interviews, you review the list and reach out directly for a one-on-one meeting.

This method is more personal than a liaison. It lets your applicants know how interested you are in having them work for your company. In your direct hire offers, it's good to include any incentives that come with accepting the job. This way, the candidate knows what to expect beforehand. This negates the need for introductory questions, get straight into the most important detail: how they will add value to your practice.

Have the official offer printed out for the interview. This gives the applicant a chance to accept the offer in-office or take the paperwork home with them for review. Include your contact information in case they have any questions, negotiations, or concerns.

Finding the right physician for your practice takes lots of time, effort, diligence, and dedication. You want to make sure that you're choosing someone that will be a benefit to your company.

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