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Google Reveals The Most Popular Health Questions Everyone Searched For In 2017

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Every day we use Google to ask a bunch of questions. Google never judges us for not knowing the answers, they just provide us with thousands of useful results to help us along our way. Every year, Google reveals the trending search terms that we all looked up, and this years health-related questions give a little bit of insight into what people are concerned about.

Here's what we have all be searching for this year:  

1. Ketogenic Diets

Apparently the war on carbs is very much real. People have searched the term "ketogenic" four times as much as they had the year before. People want to know exactly how many carbs they should be eating using this diet, and how it will help kick start the body's fat-burning process.

2. Opioid Epidemic

The "opioid epidemic" that was reported in the US took over Google. President Trump said that "Nobody has seen anything like what is going on now," after it was discovered that over two million Americans suffer from addiction.

3. Suicide Prevention

They suspect that the Neflix series 13 Reasons Why helped raise a lot of awareness about suicide in teens. This prompted a lot of parents to look into suicide awareness and prevention, to try and talk to their kids about it.

4. Lupus

Selena Gomez

Analysts suggest that the reason why there has been an increase in searches about lupus are related to actress and singer Selena Gomez. Gomez went through a kidney transplant this year, and with all the news surrounding her people's interest in the disease seemed to spike.

Some of the questions people googled were a little less serious

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