Watch: Gordon Ramsay's Kids Planned A Hilarious Surprise For His 50th Birthday

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Watch: Gordon Ramsay's Kids Planned A Hilarious Surprise For His 50th Birthday

Gordon Ramsay - YouTube

Pop quiz Gordon Ramsay fans: how can you tell the celebrity chef is in a good mood?

Well, when the foul-mouthed reality star doesn't get bleeped out even once in a three minute video, that's a good sign.

And Ramsay was all smiles as he celebrated his 50th birthday (yes, really) at a surprise party planned by his children.

Happy birthday, Gordon!

Gordon Ramsay Instagram
Gordon's twins, Jack and Holly, are dead ringers for him and his wife, Tana.Gordon Ramsay - Instagram

In case you didn't know, Gordon and his wife Tana have four children together, and they're all in their teenage years or older these days.

Along with their oldest daughter, Megan, 20, the couple have twins named Holly and Jack, 18, and "baby" Matilda, 16.

All four of the Ramsay siblings pitched in to give the Master Chef a special 50th birthday surprise, which began when Megan got behind the wheel of a taxi cab.

Megan Gordon Ramsay
The Ramsays had a laugh when their daughter, Megan, stepped out of their taxi cab.Gordon Ramsay - YouTube

As Matilda joked, Gordon and Tana were "a couple of terrible backseat drivers," but the trio made it to their destination in one piece.

At a swanky restaurant, which the Ramsay kids had rented out for their dad's special day, Jack, Holly, and Matilda revealed they had helped prepare a three-course meal for the birthday boy.

Gordon Ramsay Dinner
Gordon only had nice things to say about the dinner his children prepared.Gordon Ramsay - YouTube

Matilda is actually a celebrity chef in her own right, with several appearances on her dad's shows and her own children's series Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch.

But the fact that the twins were helping her in the kitchen might have made Gordon anxious.

Thankfully, the star chef had nothing but compliments for the pasta, steak, and tasty chocolate dessert his kids whipped up.

"It looks beautiful," he told them, "I'm impressed." Matilda even counted five times the food made her dad say "Wow" out loud.

But the best surprise was still to come, as the kids handed Ramsay his "present": seriously embarrassing photos from his childhood.

Gordon Ramsay young
Even Gordon couldn't keep from laughing at his old photos.Gordon Ramsay - YouTube

"What bowl were you using at the time?" Ramsay asked his mother about his boyhood haircut. "The mixing bowl," she told him.

Even after being embarrassed by his kids, it was obvious Ramsay had a great time at his party.

"I'm quite emotional," he confessed to Tana at one point. "I may cry."

If Ramsay's kids don't follow him into the family business, they might have a successful career as party planners ahead of them. Their dad's 50th turned out to be a huge success.

Happy birthday Gordon! And congrats to the Ramsay kids for pulling off the surprise party!

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