Gordon Ramsey's April Fools Day Prank Shocks Crowd

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Gordon Ramsey's April Fools Day Prank Shocks Crowd

When Gordon Ramsay comes on screen, you never know really what to expect- you can almost guarantee that profanity will be involved somehow though.

The popular UK Michelin star restaurateur, and host of Hell's Kitchen and Masterchef came on the Nightly Show with Frank Skinner- and it was one appearance that he will not forget.  

While making a fruit salad on the program, he decided to use a blender to complete the recipe- a decision that will haunt viewers and the host.

While Gordon was backstage he revealed to viewers of his intention to prank the host, Frank. When Gordon returns to his workstation, he places his fingers inside the blender at an attempt to fix the blades, while a crew member turned it on.

Gordon screams "wait" before the blender fills with blood and he falls onto the floor in agony.


Not knowing what to do, Frank says, "Some of you might think this is a joke but not from where I'm sitting."

The 50-year-old chef then bounces up revealing his prank, with a beaming smile that showed he was very proud that his gag worked.

He finished by concluding "first of all, obviously, do not ever put your hand in a blender."

Watch the whole thing happen here.

What was the most elaborate gag you have played?