Gorillas, Magical Force Fields, And The 8 Other Craziest Soap Opera Plots To Ever Air On TV

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Gorillas, Magical Force Fields, And The 8 Other Craziest Soap Opera Plots To Ever Air On TV

Daytime viewers have been known to put up with some downright strange story-lines, but these 10 plots pushed the envelope a little too far:

The cast of Crossroads.Crossroads

1. The Supermarket - Crossroads

Fans of this UK soap were happy to hear it was being revived in 2001, but were quickly turned off by messy plots with no resolution. By the time the series wrapped in 2003 they thought things couldn't get any worse. They were wrong.

The final episode of Crossroads revealed the last 2 years were actually the fantasies of a supermarket worker, based on her customers. It's actually insulting to pass such lazy writing off on a retail worker!

2. Skye Lockhart - the Young and the Restless

This character - who seemed to have 9 lives - made a splash on Y&R in a plot where she faked her own death twice. Once to help her lover Adam Newman and once to frame him.

Later, when Adam's new lover Sharon tried to prove Skye was still alive she wound up chasing her into a volcano, and Sharon had to fake her own death to escape from jail.

3. The Gorilla - Ryan's Hope

The cast of Ryan's hope.IMDB

This soap from the '70s and '80s is remembered best for the strange story-lines that came one after the other. First, Delia was kidnapped by a gorilla named Prince Albert (played by a man in a gorilla costume, for safety), then the cast was off in search of an ancient mummy.

Head writer Claire Labine insists the gorilla story was really about "alienation," but also admits that the mummy episode was based on a recent vacation she took.

What's crazier than a gorilla? How about aliens...

4. Casey the Alien - General Hospital

Every soap has its share of bizarre guest appearances, but usually it's a celebrity, or at least a human. General was probably trying to take advantage of E.T.'s popularity with this bizarre side-plot.

Robin and her friend Casey the alien.The Macomb Daily

Young Robin Scorpio welcomed Casey the alien to earth, where he was searching for a crystal to repair his spaceship. Of course the crystal belonged to bad guy Cesar, who was more interested in Robin's mom Anna than helping Casey fly home.

5. Precious the Orangutan - Passions

Precious had a few questionable dream sequences about her crush Luis.Soaps

What is it about apes that seems to inspire soap opera writers? Precious the orangutan was hired to look after Edna Wallace, because supposedly hiring an ape is cheaper than a regular live-in nurse.

It wasn't long before Precious was making goo-goo eyes at her (human) love interest Luis, but sadly her love was unrequited. Passions' crew actually campaigned for their hairy costar to win a Daytime Emmy, but they were turned down.

6. Luke and Laura's Wedding - General Hospital

When the original soap opera power couple tied the knot in 1981, 30 million Americans tuned in to watch them say "I do." But most of us have forgotten how totally absurd their nuptials really were.

Before the ceremony, the couple had to foil a Greek billionaire's plot to steal a rare crystal, which would power his blizzard machine and freeze the world.

While the evil Mikkos was killed, his widow Helena (played by Elizabeth Taylor) showed up to curse the newlyweds. Talk about a big day!

7. Emily's Cancer  - General Hospital

Okay try and follow me for this one: Emily Quartermaine hid her breast cancer from her beau Zander Smith, and started a fake relationship with Nikolas to avoid breaking Zander's heart.

Emily marries Zander on her "death bed."SID

Of course Emily fell in love with Nikolas, spilled the beans to Zander, then Nikolas dumped Emily. Then Emily dreamed about kissing Nikolas and woke up to learn her cancer was gone. Confused? So are we.

Think these stories can't get any stranger? It's time to send in the clones!

8. Dolly the Clone - Guiding Light

Dolly, Josh and Reva.I Believe in the Mystery

When Reva Shayne died in a plane crash, her heartbroken husband Josh managed to clone her as a woman named Dolly with the help of Dr. Burke - which already sounds like a bad idea.

Then, it was revealed that Reva was alive all along, just being held hostage by Josh's ex. Reva returned to kill her clone, but Dolly ended up taking her own life by drinking aging serum. Talk about drama!

9. The Shower Reveal - Dallas

This is maybe the most famous plot twist of all time: a year after Bobby Ewing was shot dead by his sister-in-law in a blockbuster episode watched by 300 million people in 80 countries, his ex-wife Pam woke to find him in her shower.

The entire season between Bobby's shooting and the shower was revealed to be her dream, which upset many fans. The writers of Dallas spinoff Knot's Landing were also upset, since the unexpected twist ruined their story-lines.

10. Melaswen - Days of Our Lives

When ratings were flagging in the early 2000s, this soap's head writer James Reilly came up with a head-scratcher that has been puzzling Days fans ever since. The show was haunted by the Salem Stalker, who killed off the characters one by one.

Marlena Evans as the Salem Stalker.Days Of Our Lives Wiki

It was very effective at first, since even series mainstays like Maggie Jones were killed off, but Reilly didn't exactly stick the landing with his final twist. All of the characters were alive, and living in Melaswen (New Salem, backwards).

The Salem Stalker.NBC Days

To top it all off, the Salem Stalker Marlena Evans had been brainwashed, along with the rest of Salem's citizens, and they were kept in Melaswen by a magical force field.

How do they come up with this stuff?

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