Country Legend Dies 4 Months After Being Diagnosed With Rare Disease

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Country Legend Dies 4 Months After Being Diagnosed With Rare Disease

Daily Mail

Another celebrity has left us too soon, and unfortunately, there wasn't much anyone could do to stop it.

Lari White, famed country music star, passed away Tuesday morning surrounded by her friends and family.

White rose to fame in the 80s after performing in a musical competition in Tennessee. She then entered the You Can Be A Star talent show in Nashville, blowing away the audience and judges with her incredible voice and stage presence.

In a few years time, she would take the national headlines by storm with her 1994 album, "Wishes."

White shot up the charts with singles like That's My Baby, That's How You Know (When You're In Love), and Now I Know.

She would go on to win not one, but three Grammy Awards for the Best Southern, Country or Bluegrass Gospel Album.

But her ambitions didn't end there, she had a taste of the limelight as a star, and wanted more.

Despite widespread and critical fame, White was interested in expanding her career to include other aspects of the music industry.

White set new records when she became the first female producer of a male superstar. When she was producing Toby Keith, his album went Platinum.

She also tried her hand at acting, with a cameo in Tom Hank's popular Castaway movie! White came a long way from her family's Gospel band when they played in Dunedin, Florida, where she was born, but she never forgot her values.

'I love music,' White had said. 'It's not to be famous. It's not to make a lot of money. There's so much joy I have in making music.'

Several months ago, White was diagnosed with peritoneal cancer, which affects the tissue around the abdomen. She spent her final weeks with friends and family, until she passed away in hospice care.

Thank you for your beautiful words Lari, you'll always be Wild At Heart!

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