Woman Shares Grandfather's 10 Hilarious Rules For Her Boyfriends


Woman Shares Grandfather's 10 Hilarious Rules For Her Boyfriends

am.iemchugh - Instagram

The sitcom 8 Simple Rules poked fun at protective dads who make strict rules about their daughters' dating lives.

But if you grew up with protective grandparents, you know that they can be just as demanding about a young man or woman's potential suitors.

Still, one grandpa's list of rules for his granddaughter's boyfriends attracted a lot of attention after she shared them this week.

Amie McHugh
Amie's grandfather William laid down the law for her potential boyfriends.am.iemchugh - Instagram

Amie McHugh from Scotland got a good chuckle out of her grandfather William's list of demands, before posting them on Twitter. (You can tell the list is genuine because, like many elderly phone users, Amie's grandfather has his Caps Lock stuck on.)

Here's the complete list of 10 rules, although William teases that this list is only complete "so far."

Rule 1: He must be Roman Catholic.

Rule 2: He must be Celtic (soccer team) supporter.

Rule 3: He must be working.

Rule 4: I must like him.

Rule 5: He must like me.

Rule 6: He must be financially well off.

Rule 7: He must never look at another girl while in this relationship.

Rule 8: He must be very kind.

Rule 9: He must have a car.

Rule 10: Whenever in my company he must off to pay bill.

For the most part, those are actually pretty reasonable demands. Although we have to wonder if Amie could lose her chance at love just because her dream guy cheers for the Rangers.

Amie McHugh
Amie says she's willing to overlook some of her grandfather's rules.am.iemchugh - Instagram

In an interview with LADbible, Amie said the sweet list of demands is totally in character for her granddad, who is very supportive of her.

"I was brought up with my granda always being there for me, and he only lives a two-minute walk away so I see him nearly every day," she told the website.

And in case any single Celtic supporters are reading this, Amie says that breaking one of the rules on William's list is not actually a deal-breaker.

"I just look for someone to have fun with who's a good laugh," she said, "the small details don't matter much to me."

[H/T: LADbible]

What do you think of William's rules for his granddaughter's suitors?

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